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What Is A Drawing Number??

An understanding of the engineering drawing numbers which were stamped on some M1 parts is necessary in order to fully comprehend the evolution of those components. For example: A hammer may be marked C SA. This practice fell by the wayside as the demand for increased production grew.

Categories: M1 Garand, Receiver Group. Description The Winchester base usually has machine markings on the outside and sometimes on the inside of the​.

The M5 Bayonet was adopted by the U. It uses the M8A1 scabbard. During the Korean War , the M1 bayonet , which mounted to the M1 rifle, was found difficult to remove while wearing heavy gloves. As a result, the M5 bayonet was designed and issued in This was a total redesign based on the M4 bayonet used by the M1 carbine.

The M5 bayonet looks nothing like the original M1 bayonet, and is the only U. The blade has one side sharpened for its full length and three inches of the other side are sharpened. There is a relatively large push button release to deal with removal while wearing gloves. The stud on the bayonet crossguard fits the gas cylinder lock screw under the M1 barrel.

Locking grooves attach to the bayonet lug on the rifle. The M5 fits only the M1 and does not interchange with any other firearms. The grips are checkered black molded plastic and all metal parts are a dark gray parkerized finish.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose an M1 Garand

Nostalgia, desirability and collectability are closely linked, and such is the case with what has arguably become one of America’s most popular wartime weapons, a rifle that Lt. George S. Patton, Jr. He was, of course, referring to the M1 Garand, the primary shoulder arm of U.

The M1 Garand Serial Numbers & Data Sheets (Rifle ID & Dating) by: Scott Duff. M1 Garand Rifle Serial Numbers & Data Sheets Dating ID M1 Garand Parts.

This article is intended to show you what parts need to. E very M1 Garand should be stripped down, cleaned and inspected before its initial use. M1 Garand. M1-Garand can and does malfunction and fire more than one shot per trigger. Can any of you military experts date the cartridge belt and would you. Built on the old Low Springfield receivers and parts sold as scrap by the. Use the parts numbers to search out those now HTF parts on the internet.


As per usual, the Marines displayed a healthy skepticism towards the new rifle, though they monitored the testing closely and were eager to get their hands on the new M1 for testing of their own. The first batch to be received by the Marines were M1s to come fresh off the line at Springfield Armory early in the first production run. The Marines were quick to pick up on several key flaws of the earliest version of the Garand, most notably a design deficiency that impeded the functioning of the 7th round loaded into each en bloc clip to be chambered, as well as issues with the gas trap system itself.

Oct 29, – Explore James Smith’s board “M1 Garand”, followed by M1 Garand Caliber Service Rifle (Springfield Armory blueprints dating Garand Armorers Gun Cleaning Bench Mat Exploded View Schematic Parts List OD.

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World War ll M1 Garands

Army Ordnance and each of the prime contractors. The committee changed names several times but is commonly referred to as the Carbine Committee. Out of ten primary contractors that manufactured.

M1 Garand Components Listing by Manufacturer MFG​, Component, Drawing Number, Heat Lot, Date Range, Serial# Range, Notes.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Thread: M1 Garand Receivers, Some very unique ones M1 Garand Receivers, Some very unique ones Some very unique M1 Garand Receivers made by Breda now available. Wow – would be fun to have some of those! Also remembered I needed some things from you. Wow can’t believe how many there are. More parts coming…? Ounces leads to pounds, pounds lead to pain. Light, strong and cheap – pick two. How difficult is it to piece together a complete m1 garand? The receivers look like great prices.

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The Iconic M1 Garand

This eight-shot. When the rest of the world’s armies were using bolt actions that had not changed since the First World War, Yanks were fielding a semiautomatic repeater that gave its user superior firepower, rugged reliability and great confidence: the M1 Garand. George C. Patton called this “the greatest battle implement ever devised,” and he was far from wrong.

It was designed by John Cantius Garand pronounced, according to his friend Julian Hatcher, “Gerrend” , an eccentric French-Canadian firearms genius who was known to flood the living room of his house in the winter so he could go ice skating.

Obviously, the actual “born on” date of that piece was far more likely to be , when it This is where “correct” dating and parts and data array becomes “iffy.

It was installed on original carbines between serial numbers 85, to 99, If you did not know that, you might need The. If you picked the top one, you are incorrect. If you did not know, you might need the M1 Carbine, Wartime Production book. The M1 Garand used nine variations of stocks. If you did not know that, then you might need The M1 Garand to book.

Answer: The top one. The M73B1 was based on the Weaver C telescopic sight. The S was never acquired by the U. Military for the Model A4 Sniper Rifle. Examine the adjusting knobs carefully. If you did not know that, you might need Collecting the American Sniper Rifle to

Vintage and Manufacturer of M1 Garand Components

If you’re doing a Garand “build”, as opposed to a restoration of a complete gun, you will probably get a kit of parts instead of buying everything individually. The collection of parts in the kit probably didn’t come from one original rifle. Even if it did, that rifle had probably been through at least one armory refurbishment. The M1 Garand was the standard service rifle from through The result is that the parts kit represents a wide range of places and dates of manufacturing.

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Pirates Abroad By Douglas V. Vintage Converting. The 8″ x 4″ size makes for easy pocket carry to Gun Shows. Includes 84 Data Sheets. Two of the most critical factors in collecting the M1 Garand are the determination of dates of manufacture and identification of components correct for specific rifles. This is important whether considering the purchase of an M1 that is being presented as original, or attempting to restore a rifle to its correct configuration. The best way to determine the correct components for a specific M1 is through use of data sheets on original rifles.

The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with serial number tables and a large sampling of data sheets to aid in identification and restoration. The 4″ wide by 8″ high size is convenient for pocket carry to gun shows, auctions, estate sales, and gun shops. Very informative book. Well written and easy to find information. I already had a very well worn copy and felt maybe I should buy a new one while I could.


The semi-automatic M1 Garand, the standard-issue rifle of the U. Army in World War II, gave the American soldier unsurpassed firepower compared to his German, Italian or Japanese counterparts, who were equipped with bolt-action rifles. The Garand began service with the U. Finding the year of your M1 Garand isn’t hard, but it will not tell you everything about the rifle. The first step in dating your M1 Garand is to find the serial number. This is stamped into the rifle’s receiver, the part housing the operating parts of the rifle.

Overview of the Primary M1 Carbine Contractors The date of the initial contract is not the date actual production started. None of the ten primary contractors manufactured all of the parts that went on their carbines. The majority of parts were.

That is the US Rifle, Caliber. Here are a couple of examples. Springfield Armory also returned to Garand production in the s. It came into use late in However, after the war, M1s turned in for refurbishing were retro-fitted with TE1 sights. Of course all three of those rear sights were aperture types. They were not, albeit all their parts were interchangeable. The government manufacturer began M1 production with forged triggerguards but by early began making stamped ones.

Throughout production, Winchester forged triggerguards for their M1s. Even details as small as the protective ears of the front sight differed between WWII manufacturers. Springfield Armory barrels are stamped with the month and year of production. When M1 Garands were returned to one or another of the many government arsenals located around the country, no effort was made to preserve them in their original state for future collectors.

How to date an M1 Garand