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They are the leader in the industry when it comes to appointment-based meetings using their TEAM™ B2B Matchmaker software. Lynn. Sr. Vice President​. Event.

Login as Participant Organizer. Engage with your audience online no matter your event format. A user-friendly event platform to engage your attendees. Exhibitor lead retrieval system. Events Conferences. Deliver your attendees the best experience and knowledge. Turn ideas into actions and connect your employees. Company Event Resources. Download our free E-Books and stay on top of event trends.

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Info and Support. Make your business matchmaking work. We may live in a hyper-connected word, but research has shown that successful connections still depend on face-to-face meetings. That is why business matchmaking events are more popular than ever before. Business matchmaking has traditionally been done by large organizations and event teams with big budgets.

B2B Matchmaking Software Business. Our AI enabled Business Matchmaking software ensures they leave your event satisfied. We offer subscription plans to.

The smart choice for organizers that want to create an event experience where connectivity is maximized. Our event management focus is to make sure you can leverage the potential of goal-oriented meetings and create an event framework that maximizes connectivity. Gives you full control over your participants and enables you to take action wherever it is needed, in every phase of the event. Team management and collaboration on event projects made easy with multiple organizer accesses, permissions and role responsibilities.

You can import participant lists, contact data sets and send invitations. Configure and adapt everything to perfectly meet the requirements of your event with powerful and ultra-flexible settings. Simply copy your preferred settings for upcoming events. Be ready to analyze and improve with export-ready data sets. Take full control over the dynamics of participant networking, simplify the process of connecting and make more out of your event, with goal-oriented matchmaking. Let attendees create in-depth networking profiles telling others about themselves, their business field and company details..

Everyone at the event is searching for and offering something, from products and services to partnerships. Those opportunities can be listed in the marketplace area, facilitating an even more goal-oriented matching. Facilitate matchmaking with the segmentation of different participant groups and custom, multi-dimensional categorizations for the business fields.


Unique about us is the specific focus on b2b matchmaking. Even though we have everything to cover your entire events workflow, all components are developed and streamlined to be the simplest, yet most effective way for participants to connect and foster collaborations. Lets you create an event experience that taps into the power of cooperation. Your event, your matchmaking process – with an adaptive and efficient matching process and potent features.

Represent any event agenda in a user-centered way that makes it easy to browse your event program and interact with it. Customize your events registration process and utilize flexible ticketing options.

Download Citation | Matchmaking software agents in B2B markets | Software agents, artificial intelligent “representatives” of the interests of supply chain.

Location KHG Aachen. Artificial intelligence AI comprises various technologies with which machines can perceive, understand, act and learn. Autonomous driving cars, robots in elderly care, thinking and speaking computers: AI is a key technology of the future! Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the relationship between people and technology, fostering creativity and new skills.

AI heralds a new era of productivity. In this disruptive environment, human innovation is faster and more precise than ever before. For the euregional economy it is of great importance to be a leader in this future topic!

Startup launches B2B matchmaking tool to turn events into ‘community’

This application built to bridge the gap between online target to offline dealings, leads to massive increase in the ROI of your events. Were our deep root experiences of working with multinational event organizer company help in executing your events with greater ROI. Our main vision is to minimizing your investment cost and maximizing your ROI of the show.

Have a glimpse to the range of the brilliant B2B Matchmaking Tool projects delivered by us. Overall client rating is 4. Live Preview.

Converve is your go-to event software for successful B2B Matchmaking and Networking. The modern web-based app is extremely flexible and can be.

Powered by ChronoForms – ChronoEngine. Every participant can assign a “score” at the accepted meetings: b. The organization can tune the optimization of agendas through the assignment of different “weights” to participants: the higher is the weight the higher will be the participant’s importance. The algorithm satisfies VIPs before other participants so that their agendas will be full of meetings. Technologically smart, easy-to-use, constantly evolving from event to event , b. Participants are so addicted to its easy-to-use management capabilities that naturally become ambassadors of the solution to other potential attendees.

In every situation the platform is always by your side, guaranteeing the whole control of the event in any phase at a glance. Our team is always available to support you by providing its technical and organizational experience gained in more than ten years of one-to-one events. Based on their networking interests, attendees can receive tips of other players’ profiles and are able to choose whom they want to send a meeting request.

Bsquare handles every planning and communication needs , which includes management of participants and their subscription, settings of panels, sending email notifications, full control of each phase of the event. The meetings freezing is normally used a few days before the event in order to ensure participants, especially long-distant travellers, that their appointment list will not change.

Even if some meetings have been already frozen the optimization algorithm continues its job by setting new meetings without moving the frozen ones. Nor users neither organizations have to install software on their computer : they only need a web browser and an internet connection and their username and password, of course! SaaS platform means an always up-to-date tool in a controlled webfarm, with data storage on dedicated servers and a backup service always on.

B2B Event Matchmaking Tool for Your Exhibitors

An unique platform provided by MyExpoPro for visitors and exhibitors allowing both parties to match and meet their leads regarding industry specific, mutually beneficial needs before and during the event. An online portal open to visitors and exhibitors, this service allows both parties to pre-arrange mutually beneficial meetings onsite during the event with the aim of doing business.

Our customized B2B Matchmaking Tool will help you overcome this barrier by setting up meetings with the attendee or company representative in advance. The system will search for mutually-beneficial meetings. Your attendees will love to use the applications, it has very user friendly and easy to use interface.

Registration to B2B matchmaking via In this year’s edition of the South Tyrol Free Software Conference.

We have partnered with the TEAM professionals for more than 25 years. They continue to provide us with an exceptional product, allowing our meeting to grow and keep our attendees happy. You have put together a tremendous tool for interaction between sellers and buyers that provides an opportunity to learn more about each other and create business opportunities for both.

I highly recommend using this tool in the future. They provided attendees with a tool that allowed us to feel connected, in a time when we all feel so distant. They are making great efforts to keep our industry rolling. At a time where we needed it the most, you came through!

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Talk B2B is the most advanced brokerage event softvare! B2B is web and mobile platform, and belongs to the category of B2B matchmaking events software.

Exhibitors — the lifeblood of a trade show or exhibition. Plenty of attendees, VIP speakers, sponsors, and a sparkling trade program and facilities are great, but exhibitors are key to trade event success. For an exhibitor, getting good quality leads that convert into sales is the biggest reason why they would invest in your trade show event. So business matching software , also known as B2B matchmaking, is an important tool that enables event organizers to make a measurable difference when exhibitors decide where to invest their budget.

The more complete the exhibitor profile, the more relevant and specific the recommendations can be. With an established profile on the networking application and with clearly-defined areas of interest, exhibitors can be confident that they have the best possible start to your event. The matchmaking can begin almost immediately, with attendees and exhibitors scheduling appointments right off the bat.

By only recommending the most relevant to them, appointments can be made using the event scheduling feature so exhibitors can arrive at the event, ready for business! This lets them spend their limited resources — stand time and staff — on the best leads. The more they swipe right or left on the Grip app, the better the chances of them turning up better, more relevant leads.

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